52 Weeks Project | Week 23 | Hallow's Eve

Hallow's Eve




So, I've been wanting to embrace a little bad assery lately. And things that make me feel strong and powerful. One of the things that has been fueling me this week is the Gladiator soundtrack - which the Hans Zimmer concert reminded me of how powerful that entire soundtrack is (see my 52 weeks post about that week here). During this shoot and editing, that soundtrack was my biggest inspiration. 

Also, when I was browsing Pinterest, as you do, for some photo inspo, I came across Amanda Diaz Photography's work and also fell completely inspired by her. So with that inspiration, I ran with it and made my own version of an evil Queen. 


And also something that inspired me for this shoot was my sister! 

During the second half of this month, she took it upon herself to do a daily makeup challenge and create different looks with makeup for costumes. And she got SO creative with them! If you want to check her out and her looks she did for Halloween, swing on over to her Instagram @artbyhd

My sister also helped me with my makeup for this week's look :) 


So, tonight of course will be trick or treating with Leo and his cousins! He's going to be a little Ewok and I'm really excited to take him out trick or treating :) Hopefully I'll be able to score a few photos of him in his costume that I'll be able to share later over on my personal Instagram.

Follow me over there if you want to see more of my personal, everyday life and not just the business side of things <3



Also, here's a few behind the scenes for this shoot. I literally set it up in the garage and used an old sheet wrapped over the garage door rail for the backdrop. A smoke machine for some added atmosphere. And a lightbox for some nicer light. One all-nigher and 2 hours of editing later, here we are! 


52 Weeks Project | Week 22 | Stranger Things

Stranger Things



Stranger Things season 2 comes out today!!! I'm so excited about it that I had to dedicate this week to the show. I'm not even kidding you too, I had the song playing on a loop while I was shooting this in our living room. 

Also, fun fact about me.

I've always been drawn to the supernatural/paranormal/weird stories you hear in life.

Things that break the mundane and challenge the views of the established world. I'm a firm believer in the crazy, due to my own personal experiences, and become completely intrigued when I hear of other people's stories of their encounters with the supernatural.

And I suppose that's why I get so excited about things like Stranger Things. This whole idea of something beyond our world - beings existing in realms we cannot conceive with our limited human senses - truly excites me. And I believe it to such a degree that very little surprises me anymore.

And sometimes, I find myself wanting to just face that whole unknown and walk right into the doorways it may lead to. To embrace the adventure and face the fear it all inevitably gives. 

But, I suppose that's also the dreamer in me. 


Also, fun fact, I'm a pretty big Tomb Raider fan. And these images are giving me a big Lara Croft vibe. But one of these weeks, I plan to do more of a complete cosplay and dedication to her <3

'Til next week y'all! 


52 Weeks Project | Week 21 | A Light in the Dark

A Light in the Dark


in the dark, 
found light
brighter than many ever see.

within herself, 
found loveliness, 
through the soul's own mastery. 

And now the world receives
from her dower:
the message of the strength
of inner power. 

-Langston Hughes

If you know me, I'm a HUGE fan of twinkle lights, Christmas lights, and pretty much any lights in general. I suppose that love of light is a huge pull into photography for me too because being a photographer, you have to be very mindful of the light and use it to your ways.

That reminds me, my dad once called me the "Master Light Bender" and I am totally ok with it. 

Being such a lover of lights, when I heard about Blink Cincinnati, I knew I HAD to jump on the chance to explore it and see what magic was covering the city downtown. So after my shoot on Sunday, I explored around a little with one of my best friends. We walked all the way from the banks to Findlay Market and all the streets inbetween and we both documented our journeys along the way. My photos are below.  

It was so, so, so amazing to see Cincinnati in such a new way and people of all ages out walking the streets enjoying it all. So, needless to say, we walked away from this event feeling totally inspired! And I knew I had to dedicate this week to the magic this event was somehow.

And to play on the word "lights" as well, I'm seeing my one of my favorite musicians named LIGHTS tonight at Q102's Bosom Ball with another one of my good friends! I'm so excited about it :) Follow along on the grams if you want to see some from that :) 

Anyway, til next week y'all. 


Mr + Mrs Craft

The day has finally come where I get a chance to share this magical, stormy wedding! 

Megan and Aaron got married in the beautiful rolling hills of Vinoklet Winery out in Colerain, Ohio. What made their wedding together particularly unique though, was the pop up summer storm that decided to make it's presence. 

Now, in most cases, that is every bride's nightmare to see storm clouds rolling in on their outdoor ceremony. But, Megan and Aaron embraced it and just kept trudging on. 

And because they decided to just go with the flow and embrace what happened, their wedding ceremony ended up being a super intimate and beautiful event underneath a covered gazebo with the sound of rain falling all around them. It felt as though nothing else was happening in the world during this ceremony. That they had the entire world to themselves. And all the focus was on their commitment to each other and the beauty that comes out of marriage itself. 

Then, the rain clouds finally parted. The sun started to show itself. A double rainbow appeared DIRECTLY over the winery. And we made absolute magic with those storm clouds together. 

Thank you, Megan and Aaron, for letting me make magic with you guys. Embracing a little adventure. And letting your wedding be as unique as they come because of it.

PS: The song choice is from Lord of the Rings because these two gamers brought out my inner nerd and I loved it <3