52 Weeks Project | Week 21 | A Light in the Dark

A Light in the Dark


in the dark, 
found light
brighter than many ever see.

within herself, 
found loveliness, 
through the soul's own mastery. 

And now the world receives
from her dower:
the message of the strength
of inner power. 

-Langston Hughes

If you know me, I'm a HUGE fan of twinkle lights, Christmas lights, and pretty much any lights in general. I suppose that love of light is a huge pull into photography for me too because being a photographer, you have to be very mindful of the light and use it to your ways.

That reminds me, my dad once called me the "Master Light Bender" and I am totally ok with it. 

Being such a lover of lights, when I heard about Blink Cincinnati, I knew I HAD to jump on the chance to explore it and see what magic was covering the city downtown. So after my shoot on Sunday, I explored around a little with one of my best friends. We walked all the way from the banks to Findlay Market and all the streets inbetween and we both documented our journeys along the way. My photos are below.  

It was so, so, so amazing to see Cincinnati in such a new way and people of all ages out walking the streets enjoying it all. So, needless to say, we walked away from this event feeling totally inspired! And I knew I had to dedicate this week to the magic this event was somehow.

And to play on the word "lights" as well, I'm seeing my one of my favorite musicians named LIGHTS tonight at Q102's Bosom Ball with another one of my good friends! I'm so excited about it :) Follow along on the grams if you want to see some from that :) 

Anyway, til next week y'all. 


Mr + Mrs Craft

The day has finally come where I get a chance to share this magical, stormy wedding! 

Megan and Aaron got married in the beautiful rolling hills of Vinoklet Winery out in Colerain, Ohio. What made their wedding together particularly unique though, was the pop up summer storm that decided to make it's presence. 

Now, in most cases, that is every bride's nightmare to see storm clouds rolling in on their outdoor ceremony. But, Megan and Aaron embraced it and just kept trudging on. 

And because they decided to just go with the flow and embrace what happened, their wedding ceremony ended up being a super intimate and beautiful event underneath a covered gazebo with the sound of rain falling all around them. It felt as though nothing else was happening in the world during this ceremony. That they had the entire world to themselves. And all the focus was on their commitment to each other and the beauty that comes out of marriage itself. 

Then, the rain clouds finally parted. The sun started to show itself. A double rainbow appeared DIRECTLY over the winery. And we made absolute magic with those storm clouds together. 

Thank you, Megan and Aaron, for letting me make magic with you guys. Embracing a little adventure. And letting your wedding be as unique as they come because of it.

PS: The song choice is from Lord of the Rings because these two gamers brought out my inner nerd and I loved it <3

52 Weeks Project | Week 20 | Ready to Drop

Ready to Drop



The soul usually knows
what it needs to heal itself.
The challenge is to silence the mind.

I've reached a new level of exhaustion this week running completely on adrenaline, caffeine, and music to give me enough energy to make it through a basic day now. 

It probably sounds crazy, but I do oddly enjoy challenging myself through this craze. Finding ways to push past the limitations my body demands. But, ultimately, I do have to listen to it every once in a while. Because I'm now at a point now where I fall asleep just about anywhere and nearly every square inch inside of me is filled with anxiety, stress, and feeling incapable of basic motor functions most days. lol. 

I did however manage to make it outside the house for a personal tour of the back yard the other night. Paul told me about this amazing fog that rolled in and said I should go take a look at it. So I peeled myself away from my editing binge to take a look and fell absolutely in love.

I quickly ran back inside, grabbed my camera, and went for a little midnight walk around the yard <3 I'm so happy I did. Thank you so much Paul <3 

The end of the crazy busy season is near and winter is coming (yessssssss). So, a much needed break is closer than ever before. And I cannot wait to embrace a little digital detox and find some balance again.

PS: Thank you to everyone who I've met with the last couple months, photographed, chased around pretty fields, ran through the rain with, taken long drives to see, captured magical light with, and music/podcasts that has kept me going through these editing grinds. Regardless of how busy and tired this job makes me through this season, it is still the best one in the entire world for me and I'm literally living my dream come true. THANK YOU. 


52 Weeks Project | Week 19 | Hope




The state of the world is complete chaos right now. And my heart is completely broken by what happened this week in Vegas. My heart goes out to each and every single one of you affected by this insane incident. I hope you especially get some answers for your loved ones and know all of us are with you in this time. 

Let's not forget that amongst all the evil happening in this world, there is still so much good happening too. And that the good far outweighs the complete evil in this world. That in any time of crisis, you'll see the best come out of a lot of people with a basic instinct to help in any way that they can. Times where they push their own problems to the side and focus entirely on fixing the task at hand. The stories of those people helping each other during this insane crisis has been lifting my spirits this week. 

So, I want to spread as much light and as much goodness as possible. To remind people that amongst the darkest days, there is still so much to live for in this world. And remembering that and embracing that can give us strength to build this world into something better. 

So here's to you world. A little love from this Ohioian refusing to give up on humanity. 


The song choice for this post was from a sweet moment of seeing
Paul in my parents garage, practicing quick draw, listening
to this tender song this week. I couldn't help but feel overcome with
appreciation and love for life in that moment and felt as though it was
extremely appropriate to share for all the victims and their families. 

My thoughts, prayers, and wishes are with you all this week. 


52 Weeks Project | Week 18 | The Photographer

The Photographer



Well, this week is another lazy one as each day and night is being spent on editing grinds. 

I thought about the irony of photographing my camera collection - taking pictures of the picture takers - and wanted this to just be something fun this week! 

This is a collection of cameras I have accumulated over the course of nearly 12 years. That little camera in the bottom right hand corner - the silver one - was my very first camera ever at the age of 16 (Kodak C315). I'm wearing the one that made me fall in love with photography (Sony DSC-H7). Strapped to my shoulder is my first DSLR ever purchased when I was 19 (Canon 50D). And a lot of these older film cameras are ones I acquired from my grandpa who, come to find out only a few years ago, practiced photography in his earlier days and even developed his own film in a dark room he built himself (WHAT).

It's amazing for me to actually take a minute, sit back, and really soak in the amount of time photography has been at the forefront of my mind. How it has become such a huge piece of me that it's become a staple in my personal identity and what people see me as. It's been my biggest passion, personally, this entire time. And is now what I make a living on chasing after that passion all because this girl at the age of 16 got that little Kodak camera as a Christmas gift from her grandparents (I wonder if they ever saw THAT coming, haha!)

The thing that makes me most excited about photography is there is always something new I can chase after. I can upgrade equipment, challenge myself with various projects, and even make money with it in so many different ways that I could change jobs a dozen times and still be a professional photographer somewhere doing something totally different than I did before. Right now, I specialize in weddings and portrait photography. But who knows.. later down the road I could be your friendly neighborhood landscape photographer. Or Astrophotographer. Or chasing some assignment for Nat Geo. 

The possibilities are endless as a photographer. Right now though, I'm happy exactly where I am at. And knowing I have the freedom to be as much or as little as I want to be is the biggest blessing of all.