My name is Brooke and I'm the gal behind the camera. I've got a big heart, an adventurous soul, and a creative spirit that drives me in everything I ever do. I'm a wife, momma, and dog mommy (who we refer to as our first born) based in Ohio but I'm willing and able to travel to you anywhere you are in the world. I discovered photography about 10 years ago and found an obsession within me to explore it in all avenues. Which 7 years ago took me on the path of portrait and wedding photography documenting stories for people of all kinds and leads me into present day where I'm still passionately chasing after what my heart loves to do most - document and tell stories.  



My husband and I met playing a video game. I have a weird fascination with maps. And anything with space. Hanz Zimmer is most likely playing during editing sessions. I'm a big goofy, goofball. I shoot with all Canon gear. I'm pretty sure my soul mate is actually pasta. I'm obsessed with the color purple. I have a collection of film cameras my Grandpa gave to me dating back to WWI. My natural habitat might actually be Target. I'm an unapologetically avid follower of Chip and Joanna Gaines. I adore every season, but winter makes me feel most at home. 



I want to capture you as you are. Not as you should be. I want those awkward laughs until you snort. The place you guys had your first date. Where you met. What drives you. I want to make something REAL, AUTHENTIC, and BEAUTIFUL because to me, that's what will make you want to look back at your photos 10 years from now. 

It's so important finding a photographer that is right for you. And I know that I'm not going to be a fit for absolutely everybody. Nobody can be. So, let's meet up and have a chat. Let's talk about your dogs, and cats, and how many adventures you've been on and how many you want to. And let's make some real magic together.  



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