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// I started into photography when I was just 16 in 2006. Started my business in 2009. And have been full time since 2016!

// I want to be able to say I’ve touched all 7 continents one day and I currently have 2 down!

// I actually met my husband playing a video game called Star Wars Galaxies (ask me about that one sometime!)

// We have a handsome fiery son named Leo who is obsessed with space as much as I am but we still refer to our dog as our first born

// I named our dog Ben Ten Kenobi (can you tell I’m a huge nerd?)

// I’m pretty sure my soul mate is actually carbs

// I’m the kind of person who wants to try new things as often as possible and will call a night time grocery trip an adventure

// I have a pretty fond love for Pirates and all things adventure-y. (The Goonies are basically my heroes)

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I honestly want you to find the photographer that is a perfect fit for you. There are 100’s of us photographers out there and I think it’s most important to choose the person you’d love to be your 3rd wheeler. Because really, comfort with your photographer = natural photos in my book!

With all that being said, I also want to treat every single one of my clients more like friends. And aim to always create that experience! I’m a very laid back person and what you see is exactly what you get. No hidden fees. No gimmicks. No tacky salesman techniques. I’ve been through this process on both sides and when I started my business, I wanted to create an experience for my clients that is as truthful and honest as possible. And hopefully, my work can speak for itself too.

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May 17-19 Cleveland, Ohio

July 10-15 Charleston, South Carolina

Aug 5-9 Denver & Vail, Colorado

Sept 28-30 Chicago, Illinois

Nov 18-Dec 4 Arizona, New Mexico, & Utah

If you are in or around these places on these dates,
get in touch with me for some photos!

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Starting into photography at the age of 16 ignited a fire in me that nothing else ever has. And 13 years later, that fire has grown from a personal passion into a full blown career. It’s been the one thing that has kept me grounded. Given me the most growth. Challenged me. Pushed me. And given me a chance to express myself through it all. And with every shoot, wedding, and job I take on, that passion is still being lived through and given a place to still grow and expand.

If you want to know how I got my start into photography, I opened up and shared some of my story of my earliest days and how I got my start for my business’s 10th anniversary.

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I also did a 52 weeks personal photo project that was titled Pieces of Me from June 2017-May 2018. Feel free to stalk me through that project.

Explore The Pieces Of Me Personal Project

Traveling is also something that I LIVE for. And honestly is what really solidified my spark and love for photography. I keep an online travel journal that showcases every trip I’ve been lucky enough to photograph. Explore that whole other side of my photography here:

The Adventuring Photographer



And this is us. My bearded Englishman and my little lion with a heart of gold
and a mind sharper than anything. Feel free to stalk me and our little life over on my personal instagram :)



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