Hey there!

My name is Brooke and I'm the heart and soul behind the camera. I've been doing this photography thing for 12 years now running my business solo since 2009. I'm an Ohio native. Born and bred. But my heart takes me all over the world. (Hoping to one day say I've touched all 7 continents - 2 down!)

I’m a lover of fried chicken and I’m pretty sure my soul mate is actually pasta. And because of these things, I’m in a constant love hate relationship with carbs. I LIVE for summer storms, magical light, and the night sky and have been known to stop everything I’m doing to chase after any of those (nothing else is better than all of it is happening at once)

In my down time I'm usually found reading, writing, or playing video games. But I also have a pretty adventurous side who is always wanting to go out and do new and different things. So sometimes you might see me doing crazy things like jumping out of airplanes, going for motorcycle rides, or packing my bags for another adventure somewhere. Because really, I’ve really embraced the whole “you only live once” attitude to an almost fault.


Want to know more?
Feel free to read my full story into
How I Became A Photographer



May 17-19
Cleveland, Ohio

July 10-15 Charleston, South Carolina

Aug 5-9 Vail, Colorado

Sept 6-9 Chicago, Illinois

If you are in or around these places on these dates,
get in touch with me for some photos! But I’m also available
anywhere you want me and am always looking to add places to my list.




Feel free to stalk my personal adventures for a little dose of nerd and an excessive amount of emojis 🤓💕